Michael Jordan’s Best Dunks

Basketball has sure had its fair share of great players. Some more athletic than others. The best athletes are usually the best dunkers. Dominique Wilkins, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant were all great dunkers, but I believe the best dunker of all time was Michael Jordan. Here is a list of Jordan’s best dunks.

10. Over Moses Malone

Jordan had the ball at the top of the three point arch, he juked one defender and flew down the lane and dunked right over Moses Malone. Stunning move.

9. On Tree Rollins

This dunk was sweet. Jordan was electric again as he faked a pass to Charles Oakley who was wide open. That drew two defenders away. Jordan streaks down the lane and hammers a dunk right over the top of Tree Rollins. Rollins looked absolutely stunned.

8. Steal and slam vs. Knicks

Another Jordan classic. He steals the ball from the Knicks, races down the court and cradles the ball in one arm like a baby and windmills that ball right through the hoop. He started doing that in college at North Carolina.  Why I like this as one of his top games of his career.

7. Leaving the Sonics humbled

Yet another steal for Jordan who was such a great defensive player. The Bulls were up 5 points over the Sonics with 11 seconds left. He wanted to make a statement by stealing the ball running down the court and making a flashy dunk at the end of the game, humbling Seattle.

6. Big dog now little dog

This one was over Glenn Robinson, the Big Dog. Jordan gets the outlet pass after the defensive rebound, dribbles down the left side of the court, and when he gets past court, his tongue comes out. I know when this happens he is going the whole way. He goes straight down the middle of the land and dunks right over the Big Dog.

5. Poor Kelly Tripuka

Jordan, and I love this, takes the ball himself and likes to embarrass people. He had two open teammates on offense and like usual, took the ball himself down the land and did a poster-style dunk over poor Kelly Tripuka. It’s easy for Jordan to make people look silly.

4. Reverse jam

It’s hard to dunk on 7’7″ Manute Bol, so, what does Jordan do? He gets his team’s offensive rebound and instead of taking Bol on, goes baseline and goes under the rim for the reverse jam. Take that Manute!

3. Better than Dr. J

Jordan one-upped Dr. J in his version of taking off around the free throw line. Dr. J did it years earlier but was one foot in front of the line. Jordan mimicked the same dunk during a dunk contest, and he did it from behind the free throw line. Impressive.  Just capped off one of his greatest seasons.

2. In your face Patrick

Patrick Ewing was a great defensive player. Jordan was caught along the baseline and somehow got out. He was face to face with Ewing and both went up, even though Joran is 6’6″ and Ewing was 7′, Jordan got higher than Ewing and slammed the ball home.

1. Reverse double pump

In the dunk contest, Jordan wanted to make a statement. In one of his last attempts, Jordan started on the left side of the court dribble to the left side of the rim, and with his head as high as the rim, reverse double pumped and threw the ball down. He’s just the King.

Now all he needs is one of his players for the Hornets to be as good as he was.