Michael Jordan’s Best Games

Where do we start with Michael Jordan? Still to this day arguably the greatest NBA player to ever play on the court in history of basketball. I’ll just name a “few” of his accomplishments for you to ponder about: five-time NBA MVP, six-time NBA finals MVP, ten-time ALL-NBA first team, nine-time NBA All-Defensive first team, NBA defensive player of the year, NBA rookie of the year, NBA all-rookie team, three-time ALL-Star MVP, 11 NBA All-Star appearances, member of six NBA championship teams, NBA 50th Anniversary ALL-Time team, 2 time NBA slam dunk contest champion, and the list literally goes on. ¬†What’s missing is some success as the Charlotte owner.

Know that you know a few highlights of Jordan’s outstanding, incredible career. Let’s take a look at some of his Best Games.

This list is extremely controversial and could be in a number of different orders in many eyes, this is simply my list of his Best Games.

1) 1986 Eastern Conference Finals Game 2 – 63 Points

Still to this day, this game holds the NBA record for most points scored in a playoff game. In double overtime Jordan scored 63 points against the almighty Boston Celtics. The irony of the Celtics is the fact that they are arguably the greatest NBA team of all time and he had several incredible dunks against them.

Jordan had 63 points, five rebounds, six assist, three steals, and two blocks. Those are incredible numbers, but the team he did it against to beat is the most amazing part. The Celtics were 67-15 with a 40-1 home record. This was the team that consisted of: Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, Dennis Johnson and Bill Walton. A team ranked first in Defensive Rating and third in Offensive Rating.

2) 1998 NBA Finals Game 6 – “The Last Shot”

This could easily be most people’s “Number 1 Game”. I think beating that Historically great Celtic’s team puts it above this still. Anyways, Jordan finished this game with 45 points, 16 in the fourth quarter, with only one rebound and one assist. He shot 42.9 percent from the floor that night.

One of the tightest, most competitive finishes in Finals History. John Stockton hit a three-point shot to break the tie and gave the Jazz a three-point lead with just 41.9 seconds remaining. Jordan scored within 4 seconds to cut the lead to one. The Jazz had a chance to hold the ball, kill some time, and score to potentially end the game. Jordan is on the floor though, so anything is possible. Jordan ends up stealing the ball from Malone’s hands and scores “The Final Shot” with 5.2 seconds remaining… The Jazz misses the final shot and the Bull’s are once again NBA Champions. It’s no surprise this was one of this best seasons.

3) 1997 NBA Finals Game 5 – “The Flu Game”

Here we are again, another one of Jordan’s arguably best performances ever. Jordan had been diagnosed with a stomach virus prior to the game. You could literally see how sick and fatigued he was, but this wasn’t going to stop him, it seemed like nothing could actually stop him…

The Jazz had an early 16 point lead heading into the second quarter. Of course, Jordan steps up in the second and scores 17 points to cut the lead to four. It was a back and forth game. Jordan looking like he wasn’t going to make it on and off throughout the game. A very competitive game, tied for most of the third and fourth quarter. Jordan buries a three point shot in the fourth to give them the lead, eventually leading to the victory. Jordan finished with 38 points on 48.1 percent shooting to go along with 7 rebounds, 5 assist, 3 steals, and 1 block in 44 minutes played, including 15 points in the fourth quarter and the game winner…

These are just a few of his historically great games. The Legend, Michael Jordan.