Ranking Jordan’s Best Seasons

The NBA’s best players have left an important legacy for fans. Each year, teams take to the court to prove their skill for crowds. Michael Jordan enjoyed outstanding success across his entire career. He had his ups and downs, but kept the Chicago Bulls in the playoff hunt each year. A look back will reveal some of his greatest highlights. Fans will be impressed by his stats and clutch performance. Of course, his championships with the Chicago Bulls speak for themselves. But Jordan left an impression on the league as well. Rival players undoubtedly remember some of the legendary games against his team. ¬†Too bad he hasn’t seen many of these as owner of the Hornets.

5. Chicago Bulls 85′-86′

After winning Rookie of the Year, Jordan impressed many in the NBA. During his 85′-86′ season the Bulls would improve. Michael himself would average 22.7 ppg and demonstrate his prowess. Unfortunately for the team, Jordan broke his foot midway through the year. That left the Bulls with a limited roster and difficult opponents. Chicago ended with a 30-52 record and barely in the playoffs. But Jordan’s impact could already be felt early in his career. Some of his best plays were on full display as he matured. The Bulls seemed to always lose against the Celtics, but their year would come. ¬†Probably his best year for dunking though.

4. Chicago Bulls 97′-98′

In his last season with the Bulls, Jordan had an opportunity to cement his legacy. The team had already won 5 championships and vied for its 6th trophy. During the regular season, Jordan would average 28.7 ppg against other teams. That also helped him win a 6th MVP trophy as an individual award. Jordan faced down opponents like Byron Russell and still managed to score big. During the NBA Finals against the Jazz, Jordan scored an impressive 54 points in one game, one of his best games. That resulted in the Bulls’ sixth title and its second three-peat.

3. Chicago Bulls 92′-93′

That year, Jordan would lead Chicago to yet another NBA title. But it wouldn’t be easy and fans were on edge against their opponents. In the regular season, Jordan average a stunning 32.6 ppg. He would also grab down 6.7 rebounds each contest. Jordan also improved as the facilitator, distributing 5.5 assists per game. During the playoffs, he became known for big plays and big games. A 64 point performance helped the Bulls beat a young Magic team. A game winning shot also elevated the Bulls over a rival Cavaliers squad.

2. Chicago Bulls 95′-96′

Jordan spent a couple years away from the team mid-career. But a return to the Bulls would give fans hope for another title season. Jordan returned to true form by averaging 30.4 ppg and keeping his role as a leader. The Bulls would set a record for number of wins during the regular season. Jordan himself would record yet another MVP and even a Finals MVP award. The Bulls would face the Sonics for that year’s NBA Finals. Michael would triumph over his opponents and win one more title on Father’s Day.

1. Chicago Bulls 90′-91′

Jordan was best known for his individuality out on the court. During the 90′-91′ season, he was awarded with his second MVP. His stats showcase his all-around greatness as a player. He averaged 31.5 ppg against his opponents, which set the bar for his position. Jordan also contributed 6 rpg and defended well during most games. That gave the Bulls an advantage when it came to defense. Extra possessions and restricted scoring often frustrated their opponents. That season also marked a lasting legacy for Jordan as he entered the prime of his career.